COG Necklaces Bud Necklace
COG Necklaces Bud Necklace
COG Necklaces 14K Plated Gold Bud Necklace
COG Necklaces 925 Sterling Silver Bud Necklace
$ 150.00

Bud Necklace


An organically geometric pendant, cast from a found seed pod and suspended in highly polished plated 14K gold or solid sterling silver. A perfect pendant for Autumn.

• Cast from a seed pod; an organically geometric pendant that features distinctive 5-pointed design
• The pendant measure .5in W x .5in H x .5in L
• 14k gold plated (nickel free) reclaimed solid brass or 925 Sterling Silver
• Hang from a 20 in 14K gold filled loop chain and clasp


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