Jen Cogliantry in her studio in Brooklyn, New York. 
Jen Cogliantry, the creative force behind CŌG, merges artistic disciplines and sustainable materials to craft an evolving collection of nature-inspired, fiber-based jewelry and objects for humans and homes. Her creations, including faceted rings, dimensional necklaces, statement earrings, and textural bracelets, as well as sculptural wall pieces emanate a sense of quiet endurance. 

Each piece is born from a thoughtful and introspective process, where jewelry forms take shape from hand-composed cotton thread or clay compositions, resulting in unique, sculptural designs. These forms are then transformed into metal using the lost wax cast method, finished with recycled materials like brass, 14K Gold, or 925 sterling silver. 

Jen's love for textile design, adornment, and admiration for fiber artists Sheila Hicks and sculptor Eva Hesse inspired her to establish CŌG in 2018. Balancing her roles as an art director, graphic designer, and CŌG's creative director, Jen pours her passion into her Brooklyn-based studio, where she weaves her artistic pursuits into captivating reality.

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